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Can I Donate? Eligibility

Eligibility and Donor Self-Screening Information

Donor Self-Screening InformationThe goal of the UCLA Blood & Platelet Center is to provide patients with safe blood collected from volunteer donors. Like all other facilities in the nation that collect blood, we must follow FDA rules about who may donate. You may have heard that certain conditions like cancer, heart problems, stroke, asthma and diabetes keep you from donating, however, this is not necessarily true.  Our staff can help evaluate your specific medical questions. 

PLEASE CALL 310-825-0888 x2


Please review the following information to help you determine if you are eligible to donate:

To access the Donor Self-Screening Information, please click here.

To access the Medication Deferral List, please click here.

To access the Donor Educational Materials, please click here.

To access the Zika Virus Deferral Information, please click here.


All donations are made strictly on a volunteer basis. There is never any monetary reimbursement for a blood donation at UCLA.

We look forward to seeing you!

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